We offer our local entrepreneurs who suit our feel the exciting opportunity to have a platform to sell their products online, which will also give them exposure to a broad audience.

Trendsetters Art

Wire art creations inspired by the artists love for natural vegetation and its inhabitants.

Keruro Art Plating

Todays trend for people is moving closer to nature. That is how the Eco jewellery range from Keruro Art Plating came about. It is bringing the beauty of nature into our lives. Each item is hand picked, with thanks to the environment, then electroplated in either copper, silver or gold. It is then hand finished to produce unique jewellery. No two items are identical, just like nature – they may be the same but are not identical. Each finished item of jewellery has a description of what it is, where it is from, the type of electroplated finish and its meaning.

Imagine It

Yanoula Menikou, who originates from Cyprus, delights in spoiling her family and friends with decadent treats. Food is her love language and it has always been her dream to take her confectionery passion to new heights. All her products are made wholesomely with love, using ingredients of the highest quality. Moreover, they are handmade from generational memories that have been embedded in her memory over a lifetime. She specializes in truffles and ridiculously delicious Biscuit and bran and nut rusks that the entire office clamours over. However, she can customise anything to your liking. The finishing touch is the beautiful packaging that is sure to impress.

Kathy Heapy, Health Practitioner practicing in Midrand South Africa, is passionate about empowering others, especially when it comes to enhancing one’s health and well-being.  After spending many years in the corporate world, Kathy has many quivers in her bow of expertise, and trusts that you will enjoy this carefully selected array of unique products!  Happy shopping!