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One Shot Fixes Are Here. We believe in three things when it comes to designing our products. Natural. Effective. Easy. Our first offerings reflect this perfectly. They are completely natural, very effective and they are easy to use. Simply snap the pack, and drink the delicious contents! Using locally sourced honey as a base, we built this product with everyday use in mind. For an instant re-charge or want to push yourself further, GoPack has what you need. The Power Up is made to get you started and keep you going.

The Power Up

• 6g Goodness per pack

• Completely Natural

• Sustained blood sugar increase

• Improve respiratory efficiency

• Increase mental focus

• Low caffeine, Low sugar

The Power Up is your quick shot energy and stamina boost with all natural ingredients:
Theobromine 10% – Usually found in cacao, or chocolate, theobromine is similar to caffeine, except instead of constricting the blood vessels like caffeine, it dilates the blood vessels, allowing more blood flow, which means more oxygen, which means more brain power and energy. It gives energy like caffeine, but lasts 5 times as long, and therefore doesn’t give the “jitters.” It also has the great effect of improving respiratory action, reducing persistent coughs.[1] Cacao usually has about 2% theobromine, Power Up has 10% extract for extra power. Guarana Raw Herb – Guarana extract is well known in most energy drinks and bars. We are not using extract, preferring the whole herb as studies [2] have shown that Guarana has more benefits than just the caffeine and theobromine it contains.

Taurine – is often used in energy drinks to counteract the effects of the sugar and caffeine. improve concentration, athletic performance and can minimise muscle damage with Taurine.

Honey – Honey provides readily available, slow release sugar for energy.

MCT Oil – Medium Chain Triglyceride oil provides slow release fats for sustained energy and helps keep your blood sugar up while you perform at your best. Himalayan Salt – Provides trace minerals and electrolytes.
The Easysnap packaging contains a single dose. The packaging is designed to be able to be kept on you, because you never know when… Well, people get tired. Keep it in your handbag, your pocket, your wallet, or in your desk drawer. And you don’t need to mix it with anything, or plan for the sugar crash, or even take it with water. Easy peasy.

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