In our pledge to the #WeRiseUnitedSA campaign and all that it embodies, we have created a powerful emblem for your daily wear that projects a decisive “enough is enough” to gender-based violence.

We recognise that in the absence of the prosperity of our women, our society is in jeopardy for all involved as an injury to one is an injury to all. It is therefore our mission to secure urgent change, together.

Let us ensure that we are heard by expanding our collective voice to bring about the awareness that is essential to shifting our dire reality.

Our Vision

The WeRiseUnitedSA Lapel Pin demonstrates the solidarity of all globally, as a reminder of our intent as humanity to change the unacceptable dynamics that constrain us.

It also promotes change and healing as proceeds from the sale of the lapel pin support Lawyers Against Abuse in their efforts to ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice and that those affected have access to the legal and psychological assistance that they so desperately need.

Our very own Miss Universe, Miss South Africa, Zozibini Tunzi supports our campaign!

Posted by Miss South Africa on Monday, November 11, 2019

Thank you Zozibini Tunzi for being the torchbearer of our #WeRiseUnitedSA Campaign and for creating global awareness around our gender based violence victim support initiative. We are sure that the  Miss Universe contestants will spread the word in their own countries through the lapel pin that you have graciously given them.

Collective Call to Action

Our objective is for men and women  to wear our lapel pin daily as a united front in the collective call to action that promotes immediate change.

#WeRiseUnitedSA Lapel Pin

The lapel pin is made from brass, which is then copper and nickel electroplated. The heart has a polished finish, whilst the healing symbol is frosted and sunken

Packaging: The nickel lapel pin will be attached to a small card with a powerfully articulated call to action in grey print on a white background.

Co-branding is available with the logo of the corporate on the lapel pin and/or card

The dimensions are as follows: 20mm X 20mm

Cost: R95 per lapel pin (excl. Delivery)

Lead time = 7 Days for individual orders | 1-2 weeks for Quantities of 100 and more.

Proudly South African. Made by South Africans. Changing the world for the better.

The Lapel Pin design is inspired by a powerful ancient healing symbol in conjunction with a heart.​

How we can help

Lawyers against Abuse (LvA) is a non-profit organisation that provides free legal services and therapy to victims of gender-based violence (GBV), which includes sexual violence, domestic violence and child abuse. In particular, LvA’s legal team provides comprehensive support with protection orders and in criminal cases of rape, sexual assault and assault. In a parallel process, LvA’s therapists provide trauma debriefing, ongoing therapy and counselling to attend to the client’s emotional, psychological, and mental health needs. Lastly, LvA works to strengthen the justice system’s response to GBV by working closely with key officials to push for the effective implementation of existing legislation, dignified treatment of victims, and accountability in instances of misconduct.

For more on LvA, visit their website https://www.lva.org.za/

R10 per pin will be donated to LvA .

You also have the opportunity to nominate another charity of your choice. to donate an additional R10 to. Send us an email to info@prezzy-inc.co.za